Zoe A/V Expands Video Monitor and Video Wall Inventory

Our range of HD and 4k TV Monitors, Seamless Video/Monitor Walls and LED Video Wall rental solutions cater not only to the size of your audience, but also to the specific material that you’ll be presenting. Whether it’s an intimate boardroom setting or a large auditorium at a conference, let one of our audio visual experts help you plan the optimal viewing experience.


Display Monitors for event rentals

Zoe Audio Visual has expanded its 4K and HD display inventory with the addition of new Toshiba HD 55″ displays and Sharp 4k monitors. These new displays are compatible with our existing 4K media & playback servers and 6G-SDI and HDMI “Ultra HD” distribution solutions.

Several mounting options are available for all of Zoe Audio Visual’s large rental displays including truss mounts, pole stands, wall mounts, and suspended solutions.

Seamless Video/Monitor Wall rentals

Zoe Audio Visual provides near seamless LED video wall rentals to make a high-powered impact at your next event or tradeshow. These units immediately grab the attention of anyone nearby, and provide the ultimate vehicle for branding and messaging. Our pricing, service, and support is the best in the industry.

Our video wall displays are created by arranging a series of 55" LED video wall monitors into a near seamless wall of flat screens. These display panels can be arranged to suit your specifications and achieve your desired effect including floor standing units, elevated units, and even free hanging video walls for a very modern and high tech look.