Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved

Without the help of volunteers and the financial support of the community, it would be near impossible to produce these events. It is our desire to involve as many people as possible to step up and organize these events. There are several ways for everyone to be involved in these events:


First and foremost, please put these events and Divine Productions on your prayer list. Pray that our motives stay pure, that we find joy in the journey, and that God continues to be glorified.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a “roadie” for an musical group? Here is your chance to learn and be a part of a real concert. If you have never had a microphone in your hand before, that is fine. We love to teach and help new people. Of course, we would love to have people with experience, too.

Sound equipment is very complex. We need people with experience. There is room for an apprentice now and then, but usually people start out as Stage Hands and move up.

We use all kinds of lights. Sometimes we need Follow Spots, Intelligent Lighting, or Programmable Boards. What kind of lights you have worked in the past will help us tomorrow.

If you have been called to the ministry of helps, this is the spot for you. We need people to help with security, parking, greetings, handing out flyers, delivering tickets, making badges, artist hospitality, food and beverages, running errands.

We need people to contact churches, youth groups, and pastors and worship leaders. We do not have a church at Divine Productions; we try to get the new Christians to a church home at the event. The only way to do that is to have the pastors available. We need people to call the churches and invite the pastoral staff. These people would also greet the pastors at the event, and give them badges so our prayer team can find them.

We need those who have contacts with radio, television, and advertising. We have a very limited budget for marketing and advertising so we are relying on God to provide people who can help with the more creative side of advertising.


We need financial support. There are so many expenses to provide events like these. Renting the site, building the stages, purchasing sound and lighting systems, and paying the artists are but a few of the many expenses we cover. If you are inclined, you can make a tax-deductible donation to Divine Productions Ministries click on the button below. We will send receipts to each contributor showing all their donations for the year in February.

We send one receipt for the entire year, for tax purposes, unless otherwise requested.


Start telling everyone you know about these events. Word of mouth is still the most effective way to promote an event. Make sure to talk to your pastors, youth pastors, school friends, and anyone else who you feel could help get the word out. Who knows… one of the people who is touched by God at the event could be the one you invited.

If you think there is something you can do, please sign up as a volunteer below;